Our In-House Recruiter Training Approach

Omni’s comprehensive in-house recruiter training looks at every single aspect of the end-to-end recruitment process. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive overview of the entire process or a highly focused and detailed session on one particular element, Omni have the necessary expertise. Example topics include candidate sourcing and attraction, talent mapping, interview preparation and technique, employment law, stakeholder management, benchmarking and referral schemes.

The aim of every Omni in-house recruiter training course is to improve your ability to attract, source and recruit the very best talent who will embrace your company values and culture. To do so, we give you the tools and techniques to sharpen up your recruitment strategy, boosting both efficiency and client engagement. Such training is an excellent investment for the future, giving you the knowledge, ability and confidence to grow your business without compromising on the quality of hire. We want to give you greater control over the entire process.

Several of our courses are accredited for the Continued Professional Development qualification, giving you a physical record of the additional knowledge you’ve gained. By completing one of our courses, you will be able to demonstrate that you’re building on and maintaining the skills that put you at the forefront of recruitment.

Our courses can be delivered at your work, at an off-site location of your choosing for up to 12 delegates. Some courses are e-learning in nature and so can be completed whenever and wherever you want. For our in-house recruiter training, we try to tailor the content to your specific business objectives. We want to ensure that the content is as useful and relevant to your team as it can possibly be. Sessions are designed and led by recruitment experts who have extensive recruitment and HR experience across a variety of sectors. They’ll pass on the knowledge and skills that have directly led to our own success, combining best practice with the very latest developments.

Our In-House Recruiter Training Courses

A strong feature of all our programmes is our focus on the crucial practical skills that will make a real difference. For example, both our fundamentals and advanced interviewing courses prioritise the teaching of techniques that will make your interviewing process more effective. This includes delving into how you prepare for an interview, looking at what types of questions you’re asking, how much variety there is, and how you structure them. The smallest of tweaks can make a massive difference in gaining vital insight into a candidate.

When interviewing potential candidates for a role, their experience shouldn’t be an afterthought. This is something we strongly emphasise within our courses. Remember, every candidate has the capability of becoming a brilliant brand ambassador so you want them to leave the interview with an excellent impression of you and your company. The way in which you provide candidate feedback is crucial to this, and is an area where improvements can easily be made. Omni will show you how.

Employment legislation can seem overwhelmingly complex at times, but our course leaders are experts at clearly explaining all its various implications for recruitment. Throughout the recruitment process you need to ensure that you meet certain legal obligations, including GDPR, safeguarding, health and disability and pre-employment checks. We will cover all these areas in our course.

Other courses that we offer can advise you on how to be more strategic in your approach to recruitment, utilising the power of social media effectively and making us of talent mapping and talent pipelining to prepare future resourcing needs.

Which course is right for me?

Having trouble finding a course that’s right for you and your business? Get in touch with us and we’ll help find you the perfect course to take your recruitment strategies to the next level.

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CPD Accredited Training

Our CPD-accredited recruitment training courses allow you to gain industry recognised certificates and earn time towards your Continuous Professional Development.

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