In-house and HR Recruitment Training

Omni’s recruitment training programmes cover every step in the end-to-end recruitment cycle. From candidate sourcing and attraction through to effective onboarding, training from Omni will give you the tools and techniques required to attract, source and recruit the best-fit people for your organisation. This is vital for supporting future growth and success. They will also help to ensure you are working in line with current employment legislation.

Our recruitment training has helped organisations significantly enhance their employer brand; increase the quality of hires; and reduce their overall recruitment spend through more direct sourcing and a much tighter control of their recruitment processes.

Our courses are designed to help improve the way in-house recruitment and HR professionals at all levels recruit for the better, with a number of programmes CPD accredited, counting towards your Continued Professional Development. We deliver our courses directly to businesses across the UK, where we deliver on-site workshops to groups of up to 12 delegates. We can tailor the content of any of our programmes to your own business objectives to ensure the content is relevant to you and your team as well as designing a series of modules as part of a recruitment e-learning programme.

Whatever your objectives and learning style, Omni will design, develop, deliver and support your recruitment training needs.

About Omni Training

Omni prides itself on being the only RPO company that uses its own expertise to support the learning and development of recruitment & HR professionals through the design and delivery of industry-leading recruitment training. Through these courses, we share the tools and techniques that help make us so successful as a recruitment business and you successful through recruiter training.

We bring together industry best practice and all the latest trends with our comprehensive range of recruitment training programmes, designed by our own experts who boast plenty of real-life recruitment and HR experience, both in-house and agency side.

Designed exclusively for in-house recruitment and HR professionals, our range of recruitment training will improve their recruitment effectiveness and teach them how to make their company stand out in the talent marketplace; how to attract and select the best-fit people; and fundamentally improve their time, cost and quality of hire. We also provide recruitment training on employment law and compliance, helping to uncover the complexities surrounding legislation and regulatory obligations in recruitment, making them easier to understand.

Which course is right for me?

Having trouble finding a recruiter training course that’s right for you and your business? Get in touch with us and we’ll help steer you to the course that will take your knowledge further.

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CPD Accredited Training

Gain recognised certificates with our CPD-accredited recruitment training courses and earn time towards your Continuous Professional Development.

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Our Courses

Recruitment training from Omni will teach you how to make your company stand out; attract and select the best talent; and fundamentally improve your time, cost and quality of hire.

Our courses, materials and methods have been developed from best practice gleaned over decades of real-life experience in recruitment by recruiters and HR professionals who’ve worked in world-leading organisations, both in-house and agency side. Our expertise means we deliver training that has a real measurable impact.

Alongside Recruitment Essentials, we also offer courses that focus on specific elements of your recruitment strategy. These are just a few of them:

When it comes to interviewing, we find that it often helps to go back to basics. We want to get you thinking about how to prepare for the interview, how you interact with the candidate and how you handle the follow-up. As we talk through the best techniques for interview preparation, we will get you thinking about the different types and styles of questions that you could use, as well as the various ways in which an interview can be structured. All of these decisions should be made with the candidate’s experience in mind, not just your own. Our course will impress upon you how important it is for you to create as positive an experience as possible for the candidate. This extends to the manner in which you provide feedback to the client. Ideal for all HR employees and hiring manager, this course will also provide a greater awareness of the legalities of interviewing.

If you’re comfortable with the fundamentals, you may prefer our more advanced course. This is perfect for anyone who bears greater responsibility for a company’s hiring decisions. Our aim with this course is to take what you already know and show you how to use that knowledge more effectively.

Candidate Sourcing
Effective candidate sourcing requires a more strategic approach to recruitment. In this day and age, social media has a big role to play. This includes LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We will help you decide which platforms are most suitable for your company, its brand and its needs.

Employment Law
Employment law and regulation is a vital yet complex element of recruitment training. Suitable for anyone keen to learn more about their legal obligations during the recruitment process. The content of the workshop can be tailored to your specific requirements and pre-existing knowledge. We cover all of the latest regulation, including GDPR, pre-employment checks, health and disability, contracts and safeguarding.

Talent Mapping
Reconsider your company recruitment strategy with our talent mapping and pipelining courses. We’ll show you how to transition from reactively filling vacancies to a more considered, forward-thinking approach. You’ll be shown the most effective techniques for identifying potential talent within the company, and we’ll discuss how you can best engage with those individuals. The talent pipelining element of the course focuses on how to effectively utilise this pool of candidates who all ready to step into a role at a moment’s notice. Building relationships is crucial at this point.