Managing Workforce Change Successfully

Omni designs and delivers a range programmes dedicated to supporting businesses and individuals going through change and career transitions through the delivery of outplacement services.

Business change is inevitable and when you need to change your workforce, support from an experienced outplacement provider can help ensure you maintain a good employer brand and keep remaining employees engaged and productive. We know it’s important people to have compassionate and dignified endings to their time within an organisation, so that they can confidently and proudly move on to the next stage in their careers. A successful workforce change means those who remain with an organisation after change are more engaged, feel safer and hold their organisation in higher regard when they know that those who left were able to do so respectfully.

A Personalised Approach

We work closely with our clients to provide personalised and cost effective support for any number of employees who may be impacted by a restructure or other changes to the company. Our approach to outplacement not only addresses the organisation’s needs and objectives, but is focused on the individual employee throughout the process to ensure they receive full support during a time of vulnerability and stress.

We offer group programmes or individual outplacement coaching and our range of services includes:

  • Job Search
  • Social Media Job Searching
  • CV Review & Preparation
  • Interview Preparation & Coaching
  • Networking & Market Contacts
  • Career Transition & Motivation

For more information on our outplacement services contact:
Louise Shaw, Director of Training and Consultancy