Resourcing and managing a contingent workforce can be extremely costly and time-consuming, and with the added burden on managed multiple suppliers and systems can lead to inaccurate report and lack of process.

As an award winning Managed Service Provider, Omni brings control and visibility to the recruitment of a contingent workforce.

Risk & Compliance

Underpinned by our own leading applicant tracking and recruitment workflow system, Omni will provide a streamlined and consistent managed service from sourcing right through to invoicing, at a lower cost as we negotiate preferential terms with all our supply partners.

With a specialist team dedicated to the management of over 900 agency partners and contingent workers on behalf of our clients, Omni provides just one point of contact for all agency requests, removing the administrative burden of managing multiple suppliers and candidates away from their in-house teams.

We’ll work with you from the outset to understand your business, culture and values and your requirements for contingent labour, reviewing any existing agency relationships and engaging with the most appropriate suppliers from our existing network. As a neutral vendor, we will ensure only those suppliers that best meet your specific needs are selected.

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What can this bring to your business?

Our vendor-neutral services bring about reduced costs whilst maintaining the very best quality candidates. All our supply partners are performance managed to ensure compliance, giving our clients complete peace of mind.

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We operate a team solely dedicated to the management of all agency suppliers and all contingent workers on behalf of our clients.

Vendor neutral, we have the freedom to work with only the very best and most suitable agency suppliers for each one of our clients in line with their specific requirements.

We will only work with suppliers that have successfully passed our compliance assessment and are proven to offer the best value and best service.

We performance manage all our agency suppliers in line with a robust SLA