Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) will always be Omni’s flagship service offering for organisations wanting significant improve the quality, cost and time of their recruitment, and our longstanding relationship with our professional services client is testament to that claim.

Over three years of day-in, day-out recruitment, talent pooling and market mapping has given Omni a wealth of experience in the professional services industry and an extensive knowledge of its’ talent market; especially audit, tax and advisory disciplines. It means we’re positioned to provide sustainable access to the highest quality talent through tailored and strategic recruitment.

Since 2012, Omni have partnered with a leading audit and consultancy firm for the provision of Experienced Hire Recruitment Services; delivering significant cost savings, enhanced visibility and control of recruitment as well as reduced agency reliance, amongst other benefits.

Our client operated without a ‘single point of contact’ recruitment team and struggled to consistently acquire the best talent. Each operating region used its own process and approach, creating inconsistent and decentralised recruitment which had a detrimental effect on resourcing efficiency, candidate quality and recruitment experience without any provisions in place to ensure futureproofed access to the best talent.