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A Flexible Approach to Outsourcing

Omni’s RPO services span the full recruitment lifecycle and are bespoke to an organisation. As an independent business with our own proprietary recruitment technology platform, we can be as agile as our clients need us to be, enabling them to adapt their Talent Acquisition strategies to meet changing business needs.

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End-to-end RPO

Complete, full service outsourced recruitment that covers everything from engagement, sourcing, screening and assessment through to offer management, onboarding and retention.

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Project RPO

Flexible support to deliver high volume, short-term or and specialist recruitment projects, that incorporate the same services as end-to-end RPO, whilst offering much needed scalability to internal resourcing teams.

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Hybrid RPO

A blended solution working collaboratively with in-house recruitment teams to incorporate specific parts of the recruitment process.

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Managed Services

Recruitment services for a contingent workforce that manages all agency suppliers and candidate engagement from one single source, giving you full visibility on activity and cost control.

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We make RPO Work for You

Many businesses explore RPO solutions when existing recruitment processes are costly and inefficient, when there is an over-reliance on recruitment agencies resulting in high levels of spend, inconsistencies in the process and a dilution of the overall employer brand.

Our RPO services benefit an organisation in numerous ways to improve process efficiency through recruitment technology, to provide accurate reporting and to develop talent management strategies that future-proof access to the bestfit candidates. All of this is achieved whilst delivering significant reductions in cost, minimising agency fees by increasing the level of direct hires into the business and working collaboratively to leveraging your employer brand. Indirect savings can also be gained through  reduced time spent on administrative tasks by your Internal Resourcing Teams and Hiring Managers reducing times-to-hire, meaning there is less impact on productivity as a result of unfilled roles.

Let us do the hard work whilst you focus on the all-important hiring decisions and how best to maximise the potential of new hires into the business.


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The Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to recruiting, managing and retaining the best talent. Here’s why an RPO solution can help change the way you resource for the better:

  • It’s scalable –As your business changes, so does your hiring strategy. Our solution can be flexed to accommodate expansion and downsizing or hiring freezes at no extra cost. This could be over a long period of time or on a seasonal basis.
  • It’s cost effective – Cost-per-hire is reduced, the quality-of-hire is increased and the time-to-hire is decreased.
  • It future-proofs your business – Our job is to actively engage with the best candidates and create a talent bank for future hiring.
  • It creates a consistent, company-wide hiring processAll departments are engaged with a simple recruitment process which provides complete visibility and transparency at all levels.
  • It engages with all stakeholders –From the Internal Resourcing Teams to the Hiring Managers and the candidates, everyone is engaged in a clear process with agreed roles and responsibilities underpinned by SLAs to ensure excellent outcomes.
  • It provides real-time reporting – We track each stage of the recruitment process across every hire. Our reporting analytics tools provide detailed insights for informed decision-making and people strategy reviews.
  • It enhances your own brandWe use your brand to promote opportunities –essentially becoming a part of your company and promoting your brand as if it was our own to provide a high-touch candidate experience.

Reduce your Reliance on Agencies

Across all our services, we use our expertise to help organisations reduce their reliance on agencies and minimise the cost of their recruitment by enhancing their direct sourcing capability. Unlike an agency, our proactive sourcing strategies access better quality candidates by targeting both active jobseekers and passive candidates.

From a short-term project to a long-term strategic partnership, Omni will be embedded into your organisation, sitting behind your brand and working in partnership with your Internal Resourcing Team to change the way you resource for the better.

A major benefit of RPO is the consistency that centralisation brings. All too often when departments are tasked with managing their own recruitment needs, the approach becomes disjointed which can result in candidates being left with different impressions of the company. An undefined recruitment process can have a negative impact on candidate engagement, as they are simply left confused and unclear as to where they sit within it. Choosing to outsource your recruitment to Omni will ensure that each individual candidate knows exactly what the process is, who they will be dealing with and when they can expect certain responses. This will lead to an increase in candidate satisfaction, helping to create competitive differentiation in your market(s) by developing your reputation as an employer of choice.

In the long-term, we will build a complete picture of your recruitment needs, identifying any patterns in your hiring demands and working with you to forecast accurately and develop talent pipelines to proactively meet your recruitment needs.